An Invitation to Participate in ISRA Talent Development Programme
(In-house  Shari'ah Management Training Programme – Fresh graduates)

If you are a FRESH SHARI’AH GRADUATE and would like to build your career in fast growing Islamic Banking & Finance Industry, then this advertisement may open the door to your dreamed career path!

The Concept of the Programme

This is a “working & training” programme. Young Shari’ah graduates who have great interest to work in Islamic finance industry will be recruited -on contract and FULL TIME basis- by ISRA under this two years programme. Attractive allowances and other benefits will be paid throughout the contract period. The participants will be equipped with necessary tools and experiences to become a good Shari’ah officer. At the end of the contract, there will be high possibility for the participant to be employed by the Islamic financial institutions.

Requirement and Qualification

Participants of the programme should possess the following criteria:

  1. Malaysian, holding a good Bachelor or Master degree in Shari’ah from a recognised higher learning institution.
  2. A great interest to work in Islamic finance industry.
  3. Very good command of Arabic language.
  4. Good English communication skill is an advantage.


Programme Description

  1. During the programme, the participants will be trained at ISRA through the following methods:
  2. Direct involvement in ISRA research projects.
  3. Exposures to industry practice by attending relevant meetings, workshops, talks and seminars.
  4. Attending language (Arabic or English) skill development programme.
  5. Attachment at the industry.


    • Attractive monthly allowance; and
    • Good working environment.


Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme, the participant – InshaAllah – will be able to:

  1. Conduct research works that are relied upon primary and contemporary references.
  2. Relate shari’ah with contemporary issues in Islamic banking and finance.
  3. Understand the needs and constraints of the industry.
  4. Structure products.
  5. Understand shari’ah review and audit processes.
  6. Communicate in acceptable Arabic and English.

How to Apply:

Please write in and attach necessary information about yourself and the application should be accompanied a complete portfolio of documents as follows:

  • Resume of applicant (Font -Arial,12)
  • Copy of identity card
  • ( 1) passport-sized photographs
  • Certified academic transcript and certificates
  • Write an essay of not more than 100 words on " your  ambition and what is your opinion about Islamic  finance industry  in Malaysia"
  • Other relevant materials to support the application.
  • False particulars or information will render you liable to disqualification.

ISRA will not bear any expenses incurred in the process of applying and attaining the programme.

Applications can be submitted by hand or mail to the following address:

In-house  Shari'ah Management Training Programme
International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance
ISRA @ INCEIF, Lorong Universiti A,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
(Attention: Sheila Din)